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Exciting Developments in the World of Men’s and Women’s Golf Shoes

The humble golf shoe certainly has come a long way since our earliest ancestors began hitting little balls with sticks in the most basic forms of golf. Wearing only the crudest leather shoe, these Romans were the true pioneers of the wonderful game we call golf. Sore feet and all!

Learning Proper Golf Swing Mechanics Doesn’t Need to Be a Big Mystery!

Many people want to learn the correct golf swing mechanics but get confused by all the different pieces of information out there. This article puts those pieces into the proper context, showing how all the different parts fit in with the whole golf swing.

Create Torque by Winding Up Your Backswing

We all want to hit the ball farther and look for easy ways to get more power. Here’s one that is so simple that you can put in into your swing in minutes. You might have heard about the one-piece swing. What you need to do is wind up your backswing piece by piece.

Don’t Bother Counting GIR

Golf stats. Which ones should we use to monitor our game? Fairways hit and greens in regulation (GIR) are popular, but less useful stats than we think. For low handicappers, who probably break par a lot, and these stats are entirely appropriate. We expect them to hit fairways and greens, so we should measure that. But we don’t expect most recreational golfers to, so we should measure what they can reasonably be expected to do, for three reasons.

How Golf Club Shafts Can Help Add Power and Speed to Your Golf Game

Golf clubs these days are much more complex and elaborate in their design and construction compared to the clubs used back when the game was invented and golf clubs were made exclusively of rigid woods like Hazel or Ash. These days’ golf clubs have many new and technologically advanced materials that go into their construction such as Graphite and Titanium, all of which have helped golfers achieve more power, speed and control.

Shave a Few Points Off Your Golf Handicap

Whilst golf is a great game to enjoy once in a while with friends it is still a competitive sport and like any other sport there are ways in which you can measure how good you are. In golf this is known as a handicap. The golf handicap is a measure of an amateur golfer’s ability; it allows people of different abilities to play with each other on somewhat equal terms. The higher the number, the less skilled that golfer is thought to be.

The Perfect Prescription For All Your Golf Swing Woes

Many golfers can lose patience with their own swing and can even get to the point that they don’t want to play anymore believing they are beyond saving when it comes to hitting the golf ball properly. However, sometimes all that you need to do is make sure that you alter something seemingly trivial such as feet placement, your hand’s grip and angle and then you’ll be firing the ball straight through the air like a cannon. Some golfers will find that their shots can hook back so that the ball ends up behind them, which is fine for…

Three Stunning Golf Courses All Golfers Should Visit

Golf is a wonderfully relaxing game but can also become very stressful and competitive when you want it to be. Many golfers enjoy the challenge of besting their performance on a local course whereas others prefer to gain experience on a wide range of course worldwide.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball For Your Round of Golf

According to golf professionals and tutors the right golf ball will help lower your golf scores. This may seem like a strange bit of advice as to the casual golfer all golf balls look the same and how different can two golf balls be from each other? Well the main difference aside from what condition the ball is in such as whether it has been chipped or scraped all depends on the construction of the ball.

Choosing From the Wide Variety of Golf Bags

Like any sport there are many different brands and models to choose from when it comes to golf equipment. You may have a preference for a particular brand or choose to use the same gear the professionals use and with a huge range of golf balls, golf bags and clubs to choose from it can be a bit bewildering to the average shopper.

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