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Golf Trophies Promote Camaraderie Between Friends

Perhaps you and your friends enjoy playing golf. If so, then you may want to think about adding in a system to your get-togethers where you award each other golf trophies for achieving certain distinctions in the sport you all enjoy. Not only could this increase the spirit of friendly competition in your group, it could also promote the ethos of camaraderie and solidarity between yourself and your friends.

4 Short Game Tips To Improve Your Short Game

There is no surer way to lower your scores than if you improve your short game. Here are 4 short game tips to help you do just that.

Golf Putting Techniques – How to Sink More Putts

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to putting, but to obtain consistency you should strive to be as orthodox as possible which entails developing a good posture and alignment. Here are a few tips to improve your golf putting technique.

Bunker Shots Tips – Playing Bunker Shots

The average golfer struggles with bunker shots. Here are a few bunker shots tips to determine the correct address and ball position when playing bunker shots.  

Do You Know How To Deal With Distractions in Golf?

Golf is a mind game and therefore our mind has to be totally focused in order to excel in this game. That is what most of the golfers face difficulty i.e. to stay focused. Distractions in golf are common but a golfer must know how to deal with distractions in golf. Do you know?

The Simple Golf Swing: Beginner’s Guide To Playing Pro-Level Golf

The golf swing doesn’t have to be complicated. Many instructors over complicate golf making it seem nearly impossible for the average guy to play decent golf. The truth is the simple golf swing isn’t that complicated. You just need to keep a few major points in mind…

6 Common Mental Mistakes That Golfers Generally Make

Golf is a game which is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. A golfer has to be mentally strong and take care of many pitfalls on the golf course like the bunkers, trees, difficult greens and water. But these are not the only pitfalls that a golfer has to be alert of. He should be watchful about the mental pitfalls, which intensely affect a golfer’s performance on the course. These mental mistakes are difficult to notice but they surely exist and if not corrected on time can cost you your golf championship trophy.

Why Mental Focus Is Required While Playing Golf?

The use of hypnosis to improve sports performance is well known. Hypnosis and mental coaching helps players to live up to their abilities. In this article, we will throw a light on how golfers can improve their mental focus while playing focus.

10 Situations When You Should Back-Off to Lower Your Golf Score

Three or four worst shots can add up to your score in the golf game. There are certain situations in golf when it is better for you to back-off (not play the shot) and keep your golf score low rather than playing and adding up your score. This article tells you what are those 10 situations.

Belly Putters – Why They Do Not Spell Destruction for the Game of Golf

Many are arguing that belly putters should be banned from the professional golf tour but I am disagreement with those views. There have been many changes in golf equipment over the years that have made it easier for golfers to score. With over-sized drivers, hybrid irons, and new golf balls all being designed to give the golfer the edge. Why should the putter be any different?

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