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Playing Golf May Hurt You

Golf, being a one-sided, repetitive activity will set you up for anatomical imbalances that can lead to both acute and chronic injury. This article will provide insight as to what you can do to avoid missing playing time out on the golf course due to nagging aches and pains.

Golfers Learn How to Immediately Improve the Quality of Your Practice and Lower Your Score

Hey golfers, discover an easy and effective way to enhance your practice at the driving range so you can make greater improvements in your golf game. This simple tip can make a big difference.

Finding New Golf Gifts That Are Different And Fun

Finding new unique personalized golf gifts that will wow your golfer and their friends are sometimes challenging. They are out there! Here is one idea a golfer and pilot had to bring her joy of flying in touch with her love of the game in taking aerial photos of sand traps shaped like letters and creating interesting gifts for the golfer!

5 Ways Professional Golfers Use Mental Imagery to Enhance Their Golf Games

In this article, you will discover why mental imagery is such an effective tool for golfers and 5 ways to train your mind like the pro golfers do. Mental imagery is a powerful and easy way for golfers of all skill levels to enhance confidence, swing execution, and more. Start training your brain and lowering your score today.

World Golf Championships – Cadillac Championship Wants a Younger, Sexier Crowd

Golf and young people can be like oil and water, but this upcoming golf tournament in Miami, FL may change all of that. Check out this article to learn about the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship and how it plans to attract a younger, sexier crowd.

Golfers Discover Two Major Warm-Up Pitfalls That You Must Avoid and How to Effectively Overcome Them

Attention golfers. Are you falling victim to the two biggest warm-up pitfalls? If you want to learn how to get off to a fast start on the golf course then this article is a must read. You will discover how to use your warm-up time effectively so you can be prepared to play your best golf.

The 3 Secrets to Consistent Technique

Every consistent swing contains 3 essentials. These 3 elements are often glossed over in favour of more esoteric details. Boring, yes. No doubt you’ve heard these elements analyzed hundreds of times, but your consistency depends on how well you incorporate them into your unique style. One of the biggest misconceptions among the mid to high handicap golfer is the notion that perfect form is the ultimate goal. How often have you played with a golfer who has an aesthetically pleasing swing but suffers from a suprising lack of distance. They are missing the 3 essential technical elements. Master these 3 essentials and your ideal form will take care of itself.

The Key to Hitting All Golf Shots Consistently

All golfers look for that magic bullet that suddenly turns our game around, and it usually comes in the form of equipment or a change in our swing that we read about. There is probably no single factor that can help with every club in your bag then to be able to relax the body during the swing. It usually starts with the grip, as many mid to high handicap golfers grab the club like they are trying to strangle it.

Golfers Are You Giving Away Strokes Due To Stress? Discover How Stress Is Effecting Your Golf Game

Hey golfers, how many strokes are you giving away on the golf course because of stress? Stress negatively affects a golfers performance more than you might think. Discover why it is so important to learn to be stress-free to play your best golf.

Considerations When Buying Golf Equipment

Golf equipment is getting more expensive every year. Even though technological advances make equipment more enticing to buy, most of us when we buy equipment have to make it last for a few years. Therefore when we do make the investment it can’t just be on a whim. Picking up a driver in the pro shop, for instance and waggling it around a couple of times and deciding to buy is something only for those with money to burn or not very serious about the game.

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