The next golf major winner? Ft tour pro Min Woo Lee

Alignment Is the Key

Many problems in life come from forgetting the basics, and many golfers I know, actually swing the club well but score poorly. How to get back to basics and how one small correction can shave shots off your score. Learn how to break 80. Golf is an easy game when you know how. My aim in these articles is to help golfers achieve their potential and have fun out on the course. Golf is great fun, but its even more fun when you play well.

Don’t Sway With Me, Turn Baby Turn

Swaying is a big problem for many golfers. When we do this, it creates a lot of problems, making it harder to control direction and generate power in our shots. So why do we do it and how can we combat it?

Improve Your Chipping and Improve Your Whole Game

Can you improve the whole of your golf game by working on just one area? Actually, yes you can!!! Find out how to improve the whole of your golf game by working on one element of golf. One area that is easy to practice and see results quickly.

Beat the Birdie Blues – How to Create a Winning Mindset for Golf

Having the correct mindset whilst playing golf can be the hidden key to improving your golf. How to think about your golf and take the pressure off yourself and improve your score.

Putting Instruction For The Average Weekend Golfer

Putting instruction for the average weekend golfer should not be difficult and confusing. Let’s face it were not making our living playing golf. In the following article you will discover a couple of tips that will get you making more putts and have more fun on the links.

Buying Equipment Part 1 – A Guide for Beginners

I never knew the difference that properly fitted clubs could make. Once you’ve built a consistent swing, properly fitted clubs will give you that added extra you’ve been looking for, or didn’t even know existed.

Chipping, Old School Style

Chipping and rolling with your middle irons can knock strokes off your score. Once you decide which technique suits you best you can chip with confidence.

Try These Beginner Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Golf is a game played and enjoyed by millions. Here are some of the beginner golf tips that are the basic fundamentals when you start playing golf, whether for a hobby or if you are thinking of going pro. Golf is like any other sport and you have to treat it as such in order to get better. Don’t treat it like some pleasant activity you do just for fun; it has to be treated with respect and affection in a sportsmanlike way.

What Hybrid Golf Clubs Can Do For Your Game

Ever had that situation when you’re trying to hit a ball onto the green, but you don’t want it to roll too far? You pull out your best club for this and give it a swing only for the ball to not have enough spin and it rolls off the green and into the rough. It’s those situations that destroy golf games.

Discovering the Behavior of Hybrid Golf Clubs

You may have taken an interest in hybrid golf clubs. People have been raving about how they’re easier to hit, but have a similar swing mechanic as iron. What does that mean exactly?

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