The SECRET move for BALL then TURF ball striking EVERY shot

Golf Stance – A Guide For Golfers

The stance is crucial for both balance and control. Did you wonder if you are in a correct stance? What if you could get better at your game through improved stance placing? Go through the following article on the guidelines of a proper golf stance.

Benefits of Golf Networking Sites

Golf networking sites create a win-win situation for both the avid golfers and the private golf clubs. The golfers can play in any location of their choice and the country clubs can earn revenue from their unused tee times.

Golflogix by Garmin – Why It’s the Logical Choice for Every Golfer

The GolfLogix by Garmin GPS is a handy, very portable golf GPS that receives quite a response from golfers. This unique GPS device offered by Garmin is dubbed as the most precise and most durable golf GPS device available. The GolfLogix by Garmin GPS is particularly popular among those who want a rugged device and those who want the simplest software they can find in a golf GPS. In fact, to show appreciation for its customers, GolfLogix by Garmin throws in a free golf course with purchase If you’re still not sure about whether to get GolfLogix by Garmin, check out the following features for a bit more convincing.

Tips to Hit the Perfect Bunker Shot in Golf

Hitting a golf bunker shot is very easy but you have to grab the lesson first. First you setup golf ball properly to execute your bunker shot and then grip your golf club in a right manner.

Golf Holidays Abroad – How to Make Sure You Get It Right

Firstly if you are a new golfer it would be best to pick a professional golf tour operator as they will deal with all the booking of green fees, travel arrangements and the like, so you will not have to worry about any of that and therefore you can concentrate on enjoying your golf in a different climate. However if you have golfed overseas before you will be looking to go in your own group and do some of the organising so that you can play when you want and stay in the class of hotel you are familiar with….

Wearing Drum Belts – A Fashion Statement Or All About Comfort?

There has been some confusion about these belts for a long time now. Many have questioned the inclusion as somewhat wayward and have deemed it unnecessary. They have said that there was no concrete reason to make these belts an official part of golf gear. For some reason though, the belts have found a way to become a part of the gear. Question is, what are these belts used for? Answer is, they are tied around the waist by golfers to tighten their pants.

The Putter – The Most Important Club In Your Bag

A Putter is a club used in the sport of golf whose design differs from that of irons and woods. They are generally used from very close distances to the cup,generally on the putting green,though certain courses have fringe and roughs which are suitable for putting.

Improve Your Golf Swing With Good Routines

Pre shot routine in golf is basically employed to make you feel relaxed during a game and to increase your focus. This includes techniques for relaxation of mind and body and also to invigorate your visualization, which is of immense necessity in the game of golf. Proper usage of these pre shot routines ultimately results in the improvement of shots and gives you a satisfying feeling after a round of play. It is more or less a common prerogative for each golf player to fix and design his or her own pre shot routine. There are various trial and error methods that ultimately help you in figuring out your ideal pre shot routine while playing golf.

What Golf Ball Should I Play? And Which Golf Ball Should I Play?

I’m often asked “What golf ball should I play?” by students and golf buddies alike. So let’s see what golf ball you should play. Or help you find out the right ball for your game (and gain).

Golf Cart Storage and Drivable Covers – A Must Have

Today is the best time for you to purchase and have the cover of your golf cart in preparation for the rain which is about to come. There are existing and available drivable covers and storage covers for your golf cart that would definitely give you ease and comfort.

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