The SECRET to Flaring Your Feet in Your Golf Swing

Golf Etiquette Safety Guidelines

Many people are unaware of the safety guidelines as they apply to golf etiquette and consideration toward fellow players. Here are just a few safety tips and guidelines that should always be taken into account.

Motion Workouts for Golf

Motion workouts for golf involve a combination of flexibility and strength exercises. When you take a good look at the golf swing, you see that training all of your muscles to move and work in synchronization is critical to developing a good golf swing.

How to Be Fit Playing Golf

With today’s competitive game, many players are wondering how to be fit playing golf. There are several elements of golf fitness, and knowing what they are helps a player to develop a workout and fitness routine that will benefit their game as well as their overall health.

Finishing Your Golf Swing

Finishing your golf swing is essential because it will help you to be more consistent at impact and if your clubface isn’t squared at impact, you don’t know where your golf ball is going. How you swing is up to the individual golfer. Some golfers have a very upright swing with a high finish, like Bubba Watson. Others, like Anthony Kim, have a much flatter swing where they finish with their arms and club lower and more around their body.

Senior Golfers – Free Golf Tips to Increase Your Distance

Simply because you play senior golf doesn’t mean you have to lose distance. If you were playing regularly, you might have already modified your fitness as well as your clubs along with other equipment.

Why Should You Practice Your Short Game?

One of the reasons golf is such a challenging game is that players need to be skilled in so many different kinds of shots. From what I can see when I go the range, the short game shots are the most neglected ones. They are the most important ones, though, if you want to score up to your potential.

Golf Towels – What They Say About You

Golf towels are best in pristine white. They look elegant, clean and crisp, and have a beauty of their own. However, since it is about golf, you could also look for a combination of other colors as well. Bold blue and white stripes, white green and blue are other combination’s that look interesting on towels. However, do not go for golf towels which look very loud, or those which have too many colors. Avoid bright colors like red and yellow.

Are You A Competitive Golfer?

Any golfer, by definition of golf being a sport, is competitive. Even those who shun tournaments and only play what they describe as ‘social golf’, can’t help but be competitive. Whether it is against an opponent, beating a previous score, playing the course or the elements, golf is always about competing, and ultimately competing against yourself.

Does Your Golf Swing Feel Natural?

Having an unnatural swing will only serve to hurt your golf game. If you feel uncomfortable each time you swing the golf club, this is a problem.

Getting Your Golf Swing Right

When working on your golf swing, you have to put in the time to really get it right. It is not something which will magically improve in a day or two; amateurs really need to take the time, look at the current swing they have, and improve off of it.

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