Golf Speed Swing – Eliminate Your Eyes To Increase Your Swing Speed

Your eyes play tricks on you. Golf swing speed can be improved if you just let go and swing. How you feel during your swing is the most important.

Golf Swing: Tempo

Golf is a quirky game.. I’m sure you’ve heard it called a “game of opposites”…. Wish to hit it to the left, aim right, (and vice versa); Want to hit it high, hit down on the ball; want to hit long, swing easy… on and on… You want to hit your tee shot a mile, but then you want to feather a soft and accurate approach shot as well.. And you need to lag that lengthy putt with a sense of touch and feel, so that it is within a “tap in” distance from the cup.

Improving Distance For Golf Games

In golf games, distance is vital. Luckily, there are only two main factors involved when you play golf: ball contact and clubhead speed. However, both have to be right in order to hit the ball a good distance. So, how does each come into play?

How to Start Playing Golf If You Are a Beginner

The game of golf is a wonderful sport that you can play for a lifetime. But if you are an absolute beginner, how do you begin to start playing golf? First of all, it is not recommended to go out and spend a lot of money on expensive clubs.

Golf Power Swing – Swing Easy To Add Distance

A harder golf swing doesn’t always mean more distance. Swinging easy can actually produce more power.

SkyCaddie SG5 – Golf GPS Device From SkyGolf

With SkyCaddie SG5, golfers can measure the green from any angle by taking the advantage of the SkyCaddie’s patented Intelligreen software. It helps players to move the flag position and calculate the accurate measurement to any spot they need. The outdoor readable color displays which supported with automatic back light is protected with rugged water resistant case. The device is powered by a Drop-in lithium-rechargeable battery which will last longer than the previous version, the SG4 which lasts only for 2 full rounds as reported by some reviewers. The LED battery charging indicator will also help the users to get notified when the device need to be recharged soon so it won’t turned off automatically during a game.

Tips in Buying High Quality Golf Clubs

You just need to be sure of the fact that you need to have the right set of golf clubs whether you are a profession or not. It is obvious that your skills in the game are key but you have to remember that the moment you have the golf clubs with the right specifications, you will enjoy your game. Everyone wants to be good at it, and this is the first step to improve.

A Golfer’s Carry Bag

The golf bag is the most important asset of all the equipment used in the sport. When you have a bag, you can put all of your equipment in there, starting from the irons, drivers, balls, towels and refreshments. When you have to buy a golf bag, you may be a little confused because there are quite a number of them with different makes.

Easy Pre-Swing Fundamentals

There are no guarantees in golf once you start the club back. All you can do is increase your odds of hitting a good shot by doing as many things right as you can. You will increase your odds by paying as much attention to what you do before your swing starts as after.

The Simple Golf Swing – Hitting a Golf Ball With A Driver

Many people get confused about hitting a golf ball using a driver. A driver is used for long drives and for the majority of golfers using the driver, it is the most difficult thing in golf. This is the shot that contains the most distance of any in the sport and it can be scary to beginners.

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