The SECRET to perfect BALL STRIKING with your IRONS

A Review of Golf Simulators for Sale

Golf simulators are quite a big investment and you’ll want to make sure that you pick the right one before you shell out that kind of money. A PGA Professional reviews the most popular golf simulators on the market today.

Five Top New Affordable Priced Golf Courses in America

In this piece on the five top new affordable-priced golf courses, we will give a brief description of five courses that have been opened in 2009-2010, and offer some of the best values of any of the golf courses in the United States. These new courses are a vanishing breed, that is, quality courses recently built that can be played for $40 a round or less.

How to Get a Pre-Shot Routine That Will LOWER Your Handicap NOW

What do all the pros have in common? They trust their golf swing! How do they do it? Well, having a consistent pre-shot routine allows the mind to focus on things like the target or the visualization of your shot – not outside influences such as the wind, pressure, the water on the right or the woods on the left.

Golf Trips Can Be A Great Vacation

Spending time with the family can be a great way to get away and relax. It can be made even more fun if a golfer gets a chance to view a fantastic course, and play on it, when they’ve only read about it before, a golf trip can be the next vacation.

Finding Local Golfers

Maybe it’s a new habit, hitting the green and having a good time, or maybe it’s something a person has been doing for many years and they are just now looking for a few new faces to t-off with. These faces can be found easier than a person thinks, and local golfers can join together for an afternoon of fun in the outdoors. The Local Club One of the first ways a person may try to find a few local golfers is by trying to check out bulletin boards or use word of mouth at the local club…

Play Consistent Golf By Developing Your Own Go-To Drills

Are a golfer who moans that on one day your driver is golden, but you can’t putt worth a darn, and the next day your short game is on fire, but you can’t find a fairway, and you just never pull it all together? If you identify your personal “go-to” practice drills, you can play close to your peak in every phase of the game every time out, and that is the way to play your best golf.

Have Fun Golf Dating

These days it can be difficult to meet new people and even more so to choose a unique date that is both fun, and allows a couple to get to know one another. If a person finds themselves in the position to enjoy a first date, why not try golf dating.

It’s Relaxing To Play Singles Golf

Ever wondered what the next way of meeting someone who has similar interests would be? Ever thought about what would be most enjoyable for a couple to spend an afternoon doing?

Going On A Golf Vacation Should Be The Next Trip

Maybe the planning process has already begun, or perhaps the vacation is only a little bit of a thought right now. Either way it’s never too early to consider taking a golf vacation.

Enjoy Golf Fitness

Perhaps a person is looking to get involved with something that will get them moving but won’t be too strenuous on joints and hearts. If this is the case there may be nothing better than getting involved with golf fitness. Getting out and going on anything in the fresh air on a nice day is a perfect first step to any exercise program.

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