The SUPER SIMPLE way to escape golf bunkers (TRY IT)

The Importance of Intention in Golf

What is the most important thing in golf? Is it the grip? The stance? Putting? The short game? Driving? The single most important factor in golf influences all of those things mentioned…it’s ‘Intention’.

Preparing For a Golf Tournament

There is a lot to do when you are preparing for a golf tournament. By taking the right steps you can make it go as smoothly as possible. Just take your time when planning and watch the costs and everything should turn out alright.

Used Golf Balls – Great Money Savers For Amateur and Pros Alike

Golf is a great hobby, and like any other hobbies, it can become costly. Have you ever thought of buying used golf balls? The quality is almost the same, but the price tag becomes half compared to a new ball.

Electric Golf Carts – Golfing With Ease

Golf is a game of patience and perseverance. It requires a lot of mental and physical stamina to be able to withstand all the rounds and stand through the 18 holes. Often, it is the ability to last through these tough rounds that determines the winner. This is why most professional golfers try every trick in the book to keep themselves free from any kind of pressure on their minds and bodies.

Golf Tips For Beginners – Improving Your Handicap

If you play golf often then you will want to get a good handicap. Some new golfers do not understand the concept completely so we will look at golf handicaps here and what can be done to get a better one.

Tips For a Better Golf Flop Shot

A flop shot is part of a golfer’s short game usually out or over a hazard. The lay of the ball and distance to the hole are important factors in making a good shot. If you are not getting the results you need I have a few tips that might help.

Is Medicus Golf Swing Trainer With an Oversize Head a Drawback?

You may be wondering if the Medicus Golf Swing Trainer with a big head is a drawback. Although you might perceive it to be true, however in reality it is not.

5 Tips to Improve the Beginner Golf Game

For those who have never played golf before, you might think golf is easy. You have probably watched golf on television and saw the professionals make it look simple enough for anyone. Well it might be for the professionals, but for the beginner, it will be somewhere between challenging and frustrating. If I have not scared you off and you still want to play golf, here are five tips on getting started.

Master Your Pre-Shot Routine

Every golfer needs a pre-shot routine. Take the following factors into consideration when developing yours.

How to Hit Your Irons Pin High Every Time

Many recreational golfers want only to hit the green from the fairway. They don’t know that with a little knowledge, it’s not any harder to hit the ball right up to the pin.

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