The TRUE Cost of a $500 Driver 💰

How to Survive Your First Round With a New Golf Rangefinder

It’s exciting to get a new golf GPS rangefinder, but sometimes that excitement can screw up a good round. Here are a few tips for avoiding embarrassment and frustration in your first round of golf after buying a new golf GPS.

The Golf Channel and A Country Club’s Reputation

The other day, I was watching the golf channel, and I know you are laughing because that’s not a very exciting sport to watch, but there is one player who I often like to watch, a well-known golfer and he was doing quite well during this latest championship match. Because there was a drought situation in the area the greens were not exactly as pristine as they should have been. The golfer made a comment about the rough grass, and bad patches.

3 Steps to Perfecting Your Draw Shots

The draw shot can be a very powerful method to lower your score and create confidence in your game. To hit a successful draw the ball must be travel in the sir from right to left. If the ball travels from left to right, this is a fade.

5 Basics of Golf Etiquette

For a relaxing day of sport with some healthy competition and strategy, you can’t beat golf. Whether playing with friends or with your work colleagues there are still a number of rules that need to be followed if you wish to be invited back for another game. Not the actual rules of play you understand, but rather informal rules of etiquette that keep the game moving, pleasant and enjoyable. What follows are a number of examples that, if followed, will keep the invites coming.

Golf Etiquette – 7 Dos and Don’ts

Golf is a pleasant way to spend your day whether playing your buddies or your boss, but, as laid back as the sport is, it still requires that we all follow some basic dos and don’ts to avoid earning a bad name amongst your fellow golfers. So, in order to keep the competition friendly, follow these tips and ensure the only reason they aren’t talking to you, is because they lost.

What Golfers Can Learn From Rory Mcllroy

Rory Mcllroy was victorious in the USPGA but what golf tip can top level aspiring and hacker golfers alike get from this week? Looking for golf perfection?

Top 10 Reasons To Have Your Golf Clubs Fitted

Whether you’re a high-handicapper, scratch player, weekend warrior or tour pro, having properly fitted clubs can, and will, help your game. While there are many reasons for it, here are the top 10 reasons for all players to have fitted clubs.

The Secret to Golf

If you are struggling to improve at golf, then this is the article for you. Many people play game after game, read countless golf tips, view many golf videos, and yet there is no long term improvement in their game. This article describes the secret to golf, the way you can improve at this wonderful game.

Perfection Is Unattainable In Golf

So what are your golfing expectations? From experience, a not enjoyable aspect of golf was the feeling of letting myself down… Many young and seasoned golfers suffer from it. But why so? Golf after all, is a game that can never be perfected.

Does Golf Help You To Keep Fit?

Well, how many golfers have you seen who look like they have been grinding it out in the gym or on an uphill jog to keep fit? Probably not many. A game of golf is not just a good walk spoiled!

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