Online Golf Lessons – Be Adept in Playing Golf in No Time

Nowadays, online golf lessons are becoming a trend. Apparently, this game is continuously growing and a lot of people from all over the world are getting hooked.

Learn the Golf Swing Plane and Be Able to Play Like a Pro

When you are newcomer when it comes to playing golf, then most probably, you are not are not knowledgeable about a golf swing plane. Once you’ve learned about this, you will be able to play golf like a pro and you will have better shots and it will also improve your overall game.

One Plane Golf Swing – Developing Your Own

Golf enthusiasts who are still in the process of learning how to play this unique sport are often amazed at how those professional golf players are able to swing their golf clubs in such a smooth manner and hit the ball perfectly. This is because they have mastered the swing plane.

It is Better to Learn From a Golf Book

Are you a golf enthusiast? Would you like to increase your knowledge and skills in playing golf?

Choosing the Right Golf Instruction Books For You

If you want to learn how to play golf or you would like to increase your knowledge about golf, buying the right golf instruction books can be a daunting task. Many golf books appear to be expensive and many have much of the same information in them.

The Importance of Golf Swing Tempo in Playing Golf

The golf swing tempo is considered as one of the most difficult phases in playing golf. It differs for every golf player and there are no any written standards about this tempo. Hence, different golf players have different views about it.

The Yips and Other Words That May Not Be Spoken on the Golf Course

In some ancient cultures it was forbidden to speak aloud the name of a deity or a devil out of concern that merely speaking the name could conjure up the spirit who would then wreak havoc on the affairs of men. In our modern post-enlightenment world such behavior is treated as silly superstition although it still begs the question of why did such practices persist for thousands of years if there were never any bad consequences?

How to Hit a Golf Ball – Getting Started

As a newbie in the realm of golfing, you might be one of those who are in deep thought on how professionals play and you will always find yourself asking how to hit a golf ball. This however requires patience and practice with a touch of good posture and body coordination. If you really want to improve your game, it is very important to perfect the skill of how to hit a golf ball.

Improve Your Driving Distance Through Utilizing Your Core

Real improvement in driving distance doesn’t lie in the shiny, new gimmicks you read about in every golf magazine. Real power is generated through following golf-specific fitness programs that not only build your core muscles, but also improve your flexibility over time.

Are There Rules For Golf Balls?

One in a series of articles about the ball flight rules in golf. Understanding the flight of the golf ball is critical to the golfers knowledge. Summation and details for the advanced golfer.

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