The Truth About The Weight Shift | Key To An Effortless Golf Swing

Completing Your Backswing Under Pressure

If you hit bad shots under pressure, one major cause is that you fail to complete your backswing. Unless we have trained ourselves well, pressure makes us change what we do. We get too careful under pressure. That cuts the backswing short, and that’s no way to hit the good shot you need.

All About Golf

The game of golf has been a popular sport from the beginning. Although it may have been seen as merely a fad in the beginning, it has grown to become a closely watched, professional level, international sport, watched by many and broadcast over TV and radio media around the world.

The Learning Progression to Your Full Golf Swing

This article goes through the steps you need to take before and when you’re ready to learn the full golf swing. It covers different tricks you can use to get the results you want.

Hypnosis and NLP For Golf Can Massively Boost Performance With Simple, Relaxing Daily Exercises

If it’s good enough for Tiger Woods game, it’s good enough for you. It’s getting more and more common for high handicap golfers to get down to single figures using just the power of the mind to program desired performance. Like daydreaming about a vision you have of playing great golf. Imagine yourself now on a beautiful golf course, feeling calm and confident, relaxed and fully assured of your ability to strike a ball smoothly off the clubface, swinging effortlessly. See yourself hitting great shots, the ball soaring perfectly to the target, landing, bouncing and running out… and as you imagine this happening then you could, if you wanted to, listen closely as the satisfying thud of your ball landing on the green comes floating back to you on that gentle breeze you can feel….. and as you do this realise this is hypnotic training.

In Between Clubs From the Fairway

Hitting into the green from a yardage that is between the standard yardage of two clubs presents a difficult decision for many golfers. The good news is that this situation is one of the best to be in if you know how to handle it.

Find Out About an Awesome Bag of Golf Clubs in the Top Flite XL Review

With this Top FliteXL Review, I’d like to mention one or two words about what I have to say is an extremely high quality find within the beginner golf club market. Regardless if you are a rookie or happen to be out on the course since you were a kid, reading the Top Flite XL review is one thing you need to be engaging in. As an experienced player, I hope my personal reviews can help you make a decision just what to select as you decide to take up golfing.

Golf Tips – For the Best Swing, Go to Basics

Learning golf is a trying time. But, a little research can give you hundreds of hints and tips on improving your game, however, many of these are more likely to hinder your game. Have a look through these warning notes before changing your game after reading an internet lesson.

How to Stop Embarrassingly Topping the Ball Once and For All

One common beginner problem that many people start out with is topping the ball. It is however quite easy to fix.

3 Tips That Make You Hit it Longer Than Ever

The key to hitting long shots is to get a lot of speed to the club and to make a solid contact to the ball at impact. This means that just by working out and getting more muscle won’t make you much good if you fail to hit with your sweet spot.

4 Fun Chipping Drills to Make Your Chipping Practices Fun Again

Here are some chipping drills you can use to make practising more enjoyable and productive. Read more.

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