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Groove Your Golf Swing

The most important feature of any golf player is the grace and power in his/her golf swing. Swing in golf is not easily attainable. It needs regular practice and a well toned body. Apart from this there are some basic tips that should be taken into consideration.

Why Buy A Remote Golf Trolley

The latest information says that using a Remote Control Golf Trolley can take between 3-6 shots off your round therefore potentially improving your handicap. The fact is that lugging any weight around a golf course that’s strapped to your back or over one shoulder will cause stresses and strains on the body that you just wouldn’t see with an electric trolley.

Know How You Can Fix the Golf Slice

Mostly golf beginners facing slice problem in the beginning and they passing hard time with their golf shots. If you really want to fix your golf slice he or she is properly aligned toward the target with hips, shoulders and feet all square to the target line.

Golf Tips 101 – The Value of Clean Clubs

This article is in a series of articles that detail golf tips and improving your golf scores. This one in particular talks about the value of clean clubs. If you have ever golfed and used an iron you know that after each shot the grooves get filled in with grass or dirt.

Choosing the Right Golf GPS for Your Money

Golf GPS, anyone? Mastery of the golf course is already half the battle. You could put in the handicaps but still, knowing where the water hazard, sand bunker and other traps lies are advantages you would prefer over any other handicap.

Improve Your Golf Swing and Learn How to Break 80!

Golf is never going to be just a walk in the park, pun intended. Your golf swing is never going to improve by itself. Deal with it; you work an eight-hour job and you only get to play golf during weekends.

Some Interesting Information On Different Types Of Golf Equipment

Some golfers think that better equipment will make them better at golf. That’s just not true. Top-end golfing equipment isn’t needed for a good game.

Golf Tips 101 – All About Hybrids

This article is part of a series of articles that detail golf tips to help you lower those golf scores. This article in particular talks about hybrids and how they can help your scores shrink. I used to be against hybrids because I liked the traditional irons.

Golfers – A Way of Life

We are a unique breed of person; we’re obsessive; we’re passionate; we are golfers. Golfers are dissimilar than other sportspeople because we frequently take the sport way more seriously than we really should. But we just don’t care. Golfers are devoted to the game of golf and we will never apologize for that.

Get Callaway HX Tour 56 Golf Balls on Sale

Looking for Callaway HX Tour 56 golf balls on sale? You’re certainly not alone. People everywhere are looking for great prices on these balls and that is the reason I wrote this article about finding really good buys.

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