This 2 Second Tip Will TRANSFORM Your Golf GUARANTEED

Custom Golf Club Fitting – Why it Makes a Huge Difference

Both pro shops and golf shops offer clubs that are made to standardized specifications. If you are about to buy a set of clubs and you don’t fit those specifications, you cannot expect your clubs to fit you. Hence, it’s important for you to get a custom golf club fitting before you make a club investment if you want to reach optimal performance as a player. Custom clubs created from a trained and highly experienced fitter is a necessity.

Golf Driving – The Four Most Common Errors

Driving can be one of the most difficult parts of the golf game. There are three main problems that people have when they attempt to drive the ball with a golf driver: slicing, hooking, topped shot and skied.

How Golf Fitness Can Help Your Golf Game

At first glance, golf doesn’t appear to be the most athletic sport that someone can do. However, the fact remains that walking for hours on a golf course from hole to hole and swinging a golf driver does require certain degrees of flexibility, strength and cardio health.

Golf Bags – The Features to Look For

The right golf bag can make a big difference to your game. Not only does it house all your required equipment like the golf drivers and clubs, but it should allow you to comfortable carry everything you need around the course.

The Various Types of Golf Bags

One of the most important pieces of golf equipment is the golf bag. It carries your golf drivers, irons, putter, balls, tees and anything else you need like drinks and towels.

Fitness Secrets to Achieve Stronger Golf Muscles

Although most people would consider golf as a more laid back approach to sports, there is actually a lot of physical and muscular power involved. To be specific, it works out the muscles located deep in your midsection. Drawing from the strength of your internal abdominal muscles, it enables you to achieve the perfect swing with stability.

5 Essential Tips to Playing Better Golf

Many golf lovers spend sleepless nights trying to figure out the secrets of playing the game better. Indeed, golf is a difficult game because it is pretty demanding – both with respect to the physical or the mental aspect. You have to understand the secrets of the perfect swing but at the same time, you also need to understand your target and be mentally tough when things do not fall in place. Here are 5 essential tips to playing better golf.

Golf – Putting it Altogether

Make a choice right now to become a decent golfer. Take the time to read this article and follow through with your decision if you want to improve. If you are happy with your present handicap, then just click off and get on with playing, and continue with the struggle of trying to reduce your handicap.

Golf Tips – Reading Golf Greens is an Acquired Skill

Reading golf greens is a learned skill. That’s good news for us. Hitting monster drives like Tiger or towering lob shots like Phil may be beyond our capabilities, but we can learn to read greens just as well as they can (or pretty close at least).

Golf Tips – How to Make More Putts

In a round of golf, we are going to use our putter about 43% of the time. But do we spend 43% of our practice time with our flat stick on the putting green? I don’t think so.

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