This golf ball is almost PERFECT!

How to Confirm the Legitimacy of a Remote Controlled Electric Golf Trolley in Europe

A remote controlled electric golf trolley is a recent addition to the world of golf for enabling a golfer to remain focused during the play as well as stay away from other risks such as fatigue and injury. It refers to assertive equipment that is capable of alleviating stress by taking up the load of a heavy golf bag weighing 30-40 pounds along with other accessories while moving around. With just a push of a button, the trolley ensures maximum convenience to the golfers. As a result, a remote controlled trolley has become essential for serious golfers who no longer wish to incur strenuous efforts for the game.

4 Must-Have Golf Accessories for Keeping Your Health Intact As Well As Boosting Game Performance

There are many health accessories available in the market. Here are 4 of them which I feel would help you during your golf course.

Scotland Golf Tours – St Andrews Golf – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Old Course At St Andrews

Golf has been played over the famous links of the St Andrews Old Course for over 600 years. It is probably the best known golf course in the world and commonly referred to as “The Home Of Golf.” Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about St Andrews Golf.

Scotland Golf Trips – 10 Courses To Include In Scotland Golf Vacations To St Andrews and Fife

Golfers planning Scotland Golf Vacations have a tremendous number of courses in several golfing regions of Scotland to choose from. The most popular region is the St Andrews & Fife area, internationally known as “The Home Of Golf”. Here are 10 of the most popular courses in the area which you may wish to include in Scotland Golf Trips.

Nine Examples of Unusual Golf Courses in the United States

Avid golfers always are looking for unique places to play. Although these courses might not get a lot of publicity because we never see the professionals play on them, there are some courses in the United States that provide very unique experience. In this article we like to point out nine courses that are quite unique, and not necessarily because they are all outstanding tests of golf. But be assured that you won’t find courses like this anywhere else.

Swing Your Best For Years To Come With These Time-Tested Strategies

Improving your golf game is accomplished by doing more than hitting the course as often as possible. If you do not take the time to learn some great golf tips, you are sure to continue to do the same things over and over that you do not like the results from. These tips were written to help you keep playing and improving your game for years to come.

Why and When a Wider Golf Stance Is Better

It can certainly be confusing knowing just how wide the golf stance should be. Most professionals will tell you that all things being equal the heels of the feet should be directly under the shoulders. This is considered a normal stance, but the question becomes, “should this be your stance distance on all shots”. There are advantages and disadvantages to wider and narrower stances, and as with most golf advice one size never fits all.

Golf Lithium Batteries: A Small Guide to Essentials That You Need to Know

Lithium batteries are quite common with the electric golf trolleys. Here are certain things that you should know about these batteries.

Should There Be More Golf on Mainstream TV?

It’s hard to criticise the superb coverage Sky have brought to golf which they are now applying expertly to Formula One. However, I do wish there was more golf shown on mainstream TV, even if it is a highlights package shown in the evening like there was back in 1979.

2 Most Ignored Requirements to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Electric Golf Trolley Spares

Choosing an electric trolley is truly a wise decision but that does not mark an end to your responsibility of preparing well for the upcoming golf sessions. When you buy any golf vehicle, it is obvious that you are also accountable for its upkeep and storage. As a fact, just like other machines, even an electric trolley is prone to easy break down in case of careless or no upkeep at all. One of the critical upkeeping tasks is to upgrade the trolley with new spares in case the present ones appear to deteriorate.

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