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Special Feature of New M1 Push Golf Trolley

The M1 Push Golf Trolley is undoubtedly the best bargain for your ideal golf cart. This trolley has a wide range of features that would definitely improve the playing experience of the golfer. Some of the unique features of the latest Push Golf Trolley have been explained in this article.

Basic Golf Rules For Beginners to Understand

The object of golf is to put the ball in the hole with a few strokes as possible and like any other sport there are rules you have to follow. Each player may only carry no more than 14 clubs. Bringing more could be penalty so count your clubs before heading out to the course.

A Beginner’s Guide to a Good Golf Grip

The proper grip could add the much needed accuracy and power to decide the victory in a game. Most beginners tend to either overlook their grip or think about it too much. The key to a good grip is finding the right leverage for your swing. Here are some golf tips for beginners to improve their grip:

Simple and Easy Golf Swing Tips

This does not only make you a better golfer, but this also makes you a very flexible one at that. The golf swing tips that will be shared in this article can also be obtained from different resources such as the internet and other golf books available out there. The good news is that you will become a master of your golf irons by just learning by heart five very simple and easy tips.

Learn Your Golf Swing With Proper Instructions

Have you been recently introduced to golf? Then perhaps you are still in the process of getting to know all about the sport.

How to Create the Perfect Golf Swing

If you are able to do this, being good at this sport is already not impossible for you to achieve. To give you the best and most effective golf swing tips, this article will try to give you a clear picture of what can be considered as a perfect swing for golfers. This can be helpful because if you can picture in your mind the swing that can be considered as perfect, it will be easier for you to do it yourself.

Basic Golfing Terms and Words For Beginners to Understand

At first it will seem confusing as you try and listed to golf conversation because you have no idea what these terms mean. As you learn to play golf, you should be able to distinguish and understand most commonly used golf terms. Here are some terms constantly used by golfers from all over the world.

Basic Golf Preparations For Beginners

A lot of very enthusiastic beginners pay a heavy and unnecessary price to learn golf. Starting in golf is not very hard, but most beginners have their judgements clouded by excitement.

Golf Swing Tips For Improvement

When golfers truly understand the different mistakes made when swinging the ball, they can already consider these mistakes as excellent golf swing tips. The first common mistake that golfers make is making a fat shot; this happens when you hit the ground sooner than you should. One tip that you can do to avoid this is to avoid leaning forward towards the ball and/or lowering your head.

Learn to Play Golf – The Basics of Putting

A putt is defined as a light and gentle stroke to make the ball roll right in to the hole. The difficulty comes in putting the right amount of power in your putt. Too little or too much can mean additional strokes so you have to get it just right or you will be stroking above par.

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