This Is Why You NEVER Hit Driver And Irons Well

Golf – Mastering the Basics of the Pitch Shot

It is often said that a good golfer lets the club do the hard work and when it comes to the pitch shot half of the secret lies in choosing the right club and hitting the ball at the right speed so that the club head sends the ball flying with the right loft straight towards the hole. So, how do you hit the perfect pitch shot?

Working Out Your Golf Swing Path Problems

Your golf swing path is the path traveled by your club on its way to making contact with the ball. Every golfer has a different swing path, but yours should remain consistent from swing to swing. If your swing path is not consistent, then you might find your ball going everywhere except where you actually want it to go.

PGA Golf De Catalunya in Girona

The PGA Golf de Catalunya resort is ranked as one of the top ten best golf courses in Europe. It is located near the small town of Caldes de Malavella on the Costa Brava, just 22km from Girona city centre and 11km from Girona Airport.

Golf Swing Instructions Give You an Edge

If you wish you could improve your golf game to a higher level, one thing you can do is take golf swing instructions. The swing is one of the most important factors to a good golf score. However, it is one of the most difficult things to master. Many people never get to the point where they have a good golf swing. Good golf swing instructions from a professional may just be the answer.

If You Want to Improve Your Golf Game Then Stop Watching the Professionals

We would all like to be able to play like Tiger Woods and many of the other top professionals and millions of golfers around the world watch television, dvds and videos or read magazine articles every day looking for ways in which they can copy the success of their chosen role model. Unfortunately however this simply doesn’t work.

How to Deal With Hazards on the Golf Course

While nobody wants their ball to end up in a hazard you must admit that it is the presence of hazards around the golf course that makes the sport both challenging and exciting. Who has not watched a golf tournament and enjoyed the spectacle of watching a player negotiate his way out of a tricky situation?

There Are Advantages to Playing Golf in the Rain

If you have never thought about getting out and playing a round of golf in the rain then give it a try. You will be surprised by just how much tackling the difficulties of playing in the wet can help to improve your overall game.

Chalking Your Way to the Perfect Putt

If you are anything like me then you have lost count of the number of times you have stood on the green scratching your head and asking yourself ‘what could possibly have gone wrong with that putt’? It was the ideal putt, you had the perfect target line, you struck the ball as well as you had ever done and it didn’t go in the hole.

Millions of People Play Golf

Golf is not a sport, it can be an obsession. There are perhaps millions of golfers around the world that enjoy swinging a golf ball around a park. It is a very simple game to play but is definitely hard to master. The growth of gold has been phenomenal. Golf has been traditionally a western game but ever since the growing economies of Asia, it is now the world’s fastest growing market.

Advice to the Frustrated Golfer – Stay Within Your Game

The fundamentals of golf are the same for everyone, yet your approach to developing skill and consistency will largely be determined by factors that are more unique to your individual attributes or characteristics. Don’t allow frustration to replace excitement or enthusiasm by failing to consider the things that make you just a little bit different than anyone else.

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