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Your Ways – Improve Your Putting

The shortest golf club in the bag happens to be one of the most important. Improve your putting and watch your scores lower dramatically around the golf course.

Best Golf Driver on the Market – Why You Don’t Need it!

What if you could out-drive everyone else at the range? Imagine teeing off on the first and almost putting the ball into orbit! How good would that feel? Now if you could do that with really good consistency, you’d be on to a winner. The reality is, you can and you don’t need the best golf driver on the market to do it either!

Best Golf Driver in the World – It Could Be You!

If you’re anything like me you love teeing off and seeing the ball fly off down the fairway, directly on target. Think back to the last time when you drove a shot like that? How good did that feel? Now imagine being able to do that almost every time and with enough distance to make your playing partners jaws hit the floor! That’s what the best golf driver in the world can do for you!

Golf Swing Slice Problems? Two Great Tips You Must Try

Particularly for beginners, a golf swing slice can be incredibly frustrating especially as most golfers do not even know what causes a slice shot. Here are two great tips that will give you the bedrock on which to build a slice free swing.

Life Lessons You Can Learn Playing Links Golf

I have spent 35 years playing golf in Ireland, and most of that time playing links golf. In particular, my home course is the Corballis links course just outside Dublin city. You probably will not have heard of it as it is not a championship course or normally targeted by the golfing tour packages.

How to Practice Golf

If you want to know how to practice golf then read what I have to say below to find out how you can be more efficient at the driving range and start playing better golf instantly! Every time I step foot on a driving range I make a point to look up and down at everyone to see what they are doing. Mostly everyone is working on something but it’s the way they go about doing it that is wrong.

Driving the Golf Ball Longer and Straighter – 3 Top Tips

Are you one of the thousands that want to improve their driving? Imagine how good it would feel to improve your driving to the point where you could consistently drill the ball down the fairway with ease. Follow these 3 top tips and driving the golf ball longer and straighter will soon become a reality.

Golf Basics – The Golf Swing

As a golfing enthusiast, you’re undoubtedly continuously searching for any and all training enhancements to improve your game. Golf swing problems may result in ‘hooks’ and ‘slices’ that can and have thrown many a game for a loop. Contrary to popular belief, improving your golf swing doesn’t need to be difficult or even all that time-consuming.

What Titleist Golf Driver is the Best?

If you’re looking to find out what Titleist golf driver is the best then I guess you love to drive the ball like I do, as far as humanly possible. At the time of writing I would say in my opinion that the 909D Comp is the best Titelist golf driver. My buddy uses it all the time, but it’s not what I use.

How a Golf Course GPS Can Improve Your Range, Swing and Golf Game

Golf course GPSs are modern devices that can help any golfer navigate the course. Unlike conventional GPS systems they are able to give you a wealth of information that improves every aspect of your golf game. Discover how to improve your game from finding the correct range to getting your golf swing right with a course GPS that is best suited for you. Try one and you’ll soon discover that a course GPS is able to provide tips and distance measurements that only an expert caddy will only be able to provide.

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