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Great Golf Courses and the World

There are a number of great golf courses around the world. Golf started as a game in Scotland (although this is also sometimes disputed), and the Old Course at St. Andrews is easily the most famous and generally considered the birthplace of golf.

Golfing Terms and What They Mean

There are several golfing terms that the average golfer uses on a regular basis. The tee box is the area at the beginning of each hole where the golfer starts playing from. There are typically different tee boxes for different skill levels, which are increasingly further from the hole.

Golf’s Past Masters

The U.S. Masters Golf Tournament has been one of Golf’s longest traditions. This tournament is one of the main four championships played in golf once a year. Every year The Masters is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia.

Golf Tips – Golf Putting Statistics

With the advent over the last couple of decades of new technology, it’s never been easier to look at sporting statistics for a whole range of sports. But for golf it’s of particular benefit to amateur golfers because they can compare many of their own golf statistics to the top professionals. It also means you can find your weak spots – although you probably know what these are… The question then is – are you working on improving your weak spots? That’s a question you need to honestly answer yourself!

The Golf Swing Tips and Information

You may be wondering if it’s possible to get benefited form golf swing tips when seasoned players spend their professional lives perfecting their swing. Well, you can still benefit from these tips, as the basics do not change. The perfect golf swing is the one that has the right stance, posture, grip, and the swing motion.

Golf Swing Tips: Your Head Behind the Ball

Golf is an interesting game but there are techniques you will have to master to be able to play the game well and enjoy it as well. Golf has piqued more interest in people in the recent times than in the past. This is because more people are getting aware of the charm of this game and the misconception that golf is only for older people is also being done away with.

Golf Swing Tips You Should Know

Golf is a game that is easy to watch and yet difficult to perfect. Spectators always make the assumption that in golf, all you have to do is swing the club, hit the ball and get it into the hole with the least number of mistakes. But there is more to golf than just this. Getting the right golf swing is just one of the many things a good golfer must learn, as it is the starting point of everything else. Golf swing tips from professional players deal with two important aspects: body posture and club grip. When these two have been practiced and perfected, then a good game is on.

How To Go About Dropping the Short Putts Every Time

If merely there were an easy, can’t miss recipe for never blowing a putt less than three feet, imagine how far more aggressive we could be in the golf game. Being sure that any putt inside three feet is likely to go in will mean our aim from off the green or for any long-range putt only has to be inside that three-foot radius to get down in two shots.

Choosing The Perfect Used Golf Putter

Should you buy a used golf putter? Many golfers ask this question and this article explains what you need to look for, and you can save a ton of money by finding a great used golf club.

Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS Reviewed

Whether you walk the golf course or breeze about in a golf cart, you will enjoy the lightweight ruggedness and water resistance of the Garmin Approach G3 golf GPS. This practical GPS comes preloaded with 5,000 maps of European golf courses. With its dependable high-sensitive receiver too, you can measure the distance from where you are standing to hazards, greens, and fairways. What’s more, the GPS is readable in bright light conditions and provides a 2.6 inch display screen. Not only that, the battery-powered device supplies enough energy for three rounds of golf.

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