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Used Golf Clubs – 6 Tips For Becoming a Better Golfer

You try and try and try and you cannot hit the golf ball. How frustrating. And golf is such a simple game. Stop and think a minute.

A Golf Training Routine That Works

A proper training programme is the most important part of your golf training routine. When training, most folks forget to work on shots close to the green. Extra hours hitting a picturesque drive can be fun, but fixing the kinks in your shots in the sub 100-yard range will cut strokes from you card faster.

Balance is the Key to a Great Golf Swing

Balance is one of the major factors in a great golf swing. Think about it for a moment, the player winds up his body on the back swing and then unwinds through the golf ball at 90 to 120 miles an hour. It is a wonder that we can even stand up sometimes; especially if we are playing on uneven ground. Balance is the key factor that keeps the club head at the same distance from the ball no matter where we are on the arc of the swing.

Why I Made My Own Golf Clubs – And Am Glad I Did

I picked up a couple golf magazines on the way home. I read a few of the articles but I was more interested in the golf club ads. I was shocked at the price of a new set of decent irons. I had paid less for some cars in my previous golfing career. What to do?

Perfecting Your Putting

In golf, putting is important. That’s why you have to master it.

Golf Holidays and Tuition Breaks in Spain and Portugal

How to save money golfing in Spain and Portugal. Tips and advice for best deals on green fees, hotels and flights. Investigate the best areas for your golfing needs like the Costa de la Luz, and be prepared to accept a little advice from a PGA pro to make your golfing trip enjoyable.

Golfers – Another Way to Improve Your Game

Many professional golfers are utilizing chiropractic care to better their game. A protocol of proper spinal structure, postural exercises, and extending range of motion help golfers.

Stop Topping Fairway Bunker Shots

There is one good thing about being in a fairway bunker. The bunkers are usually designed to run parallel to the fairway. They are usually longer, narrow and do not have a high lip. The point I am making is that most of the time when you top a shot out of the fairway bunker it usually runs down the fairway.

Open Clubface – Fixing Weak Iron Shots to the Right

I am going to tell you one thing that I know for sure – if you leave the club face open at impact, you WILL hit weak iron shots to the right. I promise. There is a slight chance that if you come over the top enough you will start it left, but it will still fade back to the right.

So You Want New Golf Clubs? Read This First

Before you embark on your journey to purchase new golf clubs, read this article it may just help you make the right choice of clubs to match your game present and future. Your first port of call is your wallet.

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