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Here’s the Proper Way to Grip a Golf Club

Learning the proper way to grip a golf club is so important to your success in golf. This is your only contact with the club, so you’ve got to get it right. You may think it’s simple enough, but after 15 years and a 6 handicap later, I found out my grip was wrong and it was causing several bad swing faults, that I would never have cured unless I learned the proper grip on the club. But once I did, it was amazing how fast I was able to correct my faults and you too will be able to do the same.

Simple Golf Driving Tips to Crush Your Drives and Increase Your Distance Quickly and Easily

Every golfer wants to increase their driving distance. I’ve got some simple golf driving tips to help you quickly crush your tee shots long and farther than anyone else in your foursome. You will soon be known as the LONG hitter of your group. What a feeling to know you’re going to step up on the tee and blast it WAY down the fairway. You’re not going to believe how easy it is, but you’ve got to trust me. Many of the golf pros will not tell you all of these tips as they want you to keep coming back and paying for more lessons. If you’ve got lots of money to burn, more power to you, but I know for me, I want simple and easy instruction in the form of usable tips to help me hit longer drives.

The Evolution of Golf Instruction

Nowadays, with the popularity of golf, even through a global recession, you can find a multitude of golf instruction and golf fitness sites on the internet. Golf fitness has come to the fore as PGA Tour pros have evolved into more fit athletes due to the domination of Tiger Woods. Tiger decided early on that he would train for his profession as a world class athlete.

What to Look For in a Quality Used Golf Cart

More and more golfers are taking the plunge and becoming golf cart owners of late. While some golfers still scoff at the notion of using a cart to get around the course, others realize the incredible convenience, ease, and speed of play which it affords golfers, and this is further enhanced by purchasing oneself a used golf cart. Not only can you save yourself money in doing so, but you’ll also own something tangible as a result, and have the opportunity to customize your cart just about any way you see fit.

Finding Left Hand Golf Clubs That Exceed Your Expectations

It hasn’t always been easy being left-handed. Aside from the whole ‘having your hand constantly smacked with a ruler by your teacher’ routine, lefties have had to deal with a world that caters to the much larger right-handed population. This is very much true of golfers, and statistics show that not only have golfers had trouble finding equipment in the past, but that in fact many left-handed people had to learn how to play golf right-handed because of the simple lack of left-handed equipment in their area.

Putting Practice – Five Tips For Better Putting For Duffers

You probably already know that to lower your golf scores the best place look is on the putting green. Most amateurs use more than 30 putts per round. How many putts per round do you average?

How to Bomb Your Tee Shots – 3 Tips to Add 30 Yards to Your Drive Instantly!

We all know that hitting the long ball is the “sexy” thing to do in golf, but few golfers can ever even dream of hitting those 300 yard tee shots. Whether you are a 12 year old just starting to play the game, or an 80 year old who has played the game your entire life, I am about to show you 3 tips that you can use to add 30 yards to your tee shots before your next round!

The Backyard Putting Green For a Non Golf Maniac

I had surveyed my yard and was admiring the profusion of perennials and annuals that are merrily clustering around my flower beds. I had toiled long and hard to make it the way it is today. I usually entertain my nieces and nephews most weekends. I’m a happily single woman and having them come over is the highlight of the week. It sure beats going about it alone. I thought it was all fine until I heard a little nephew comment on how my yard scares him. I had to dig further on this, because I cannot quite understand why so.

How I Found a Golf Buddy and How You Can Too

Most of my days are spent trudging from work to home and vice versa. It has not always been this way before. I’m trying to recount when the changes has started to happen. It must have been a couple of months before when all of my bachelor buddies seem to find themselves getting married and going away from the singles circle.

Golf Swing Aids – Are They Really Worth it?

Certain golf swing aids can really help your game. It just depends on what part of your swing needs help. Chances are, there is a product that can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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