Tips to Break 90 (Or Even 80) More Consistently!

7 Tips to Mowing a Golf Course Green

A step by step process on how to properly mow a golf course green from start to finish. Often a popular job for college students over the summer, this could help you get a leg up on starting!

Tips on How to Hit Long Irons Better in Golf

In order to master the long iron, you will need both patience and practice. This is true even if you have the right technique. Of the standard clubs, clubs one to four are often thought to be the most demanding.

The Best 10 Golf Courses In The World

This article features the top ten best golf courses of the world. It will share some of the marvelous and amazing characteristics of these ten golf courses that golfers can enjoy while improving their overall golf game performance.

Golf Sense – “Playing Golf in the Zone” Book Review

I was scanning around the internet and came across Roy Palmer’s website. After reading through some of his website information about playing golf in the zone I decided to email him and ask for an opportunity to review his book and test some of his ideas out. Without any hesitation Roy sent his book and within 4 days I was reading it.

Simple Golf Is Good Golf

As the most popular recreational game in the country, golf is certainly the most difficult to play well. For us to enjoy playing golf, we need to take this complicated game and find a way to simplify it. That is easily done, as this article will show.

Confidence On The Golf Course

Playing your favorite golf course is definitely a boost to your confidence. However, confidence on the golf course has nothing to do with the golf course itself. The golf course is a field of grass.

A Square Golf Swing Goes From Inside to Out

It is surely reasonable that if you want to hit a golf ball to a target, the club should be heading straight toward the target at the moment of impact. Reasonable, yes. Correct, no.

Golfing Yips

One of the most common ailments in the sport is a condition known as the yips, and most people go about remedying this problem in the wrong way. The golfing yips are a nervous affliction that can cause tremors, nerve tingling, anxiety and the shakes. These can be devastating to your game, but they can be fixed before the fun is drained from the sport.

Tips on How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrids Correctly and Better

While you may not use fairway woods and hybrids very often when you play golf that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know how to hit fairway woods and hybrids correctly and better. The truth is that a fairway wood can save your game in a crunch time. You need to know how to hit fairway woods just as much as you would any other club in your bag.

Where to Find Golf Instruction to Achieve the Perfect Swing

Are you looking for tips in order to achieve the perfect swing? Then a bit of instruction and advice on how to improve your golf game is probably needed. To decide which method is best for you, you will want to review your budget and the learning style in which you get the best effect from.

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