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Will A GPS Golf Watch Or Hand Held GPS Help Your Game?

If your anything like me, your always looking for something to help improve your golf game. With modern technology and the improvements in GPS receivers one facet of your game can be improved by a Golf GPS unit.

Better Short Game Equals Better Golf Scores

The best golfers all share one thing, a great short game. If you want to improve your golf scores, drop your handicap, and finally beat your golf buddies, you need a better short game.

Has Golf Technology In Drivers Hit A Brick Wall?

Taylormade drivers are generally considered the most highly advanced and best golf drivers in the industry but I have recently begun to wonder what they will do next. Taylormade have been the guys to first introduce customization into the game. They introduced moveable weighted technology in their R7 quad drivers and since then drivers have leaped forward with other customization features to the point where I think they have hit a brick wall.

The Wedge – The Scoring Weapon of Tour Players

Wedges are the second most important group of clubs in the bag to consider having custom fit when it comes to the number at the bottom of your scorecard. When being custom fit for the best wedges for your game, specifications such as wedge loft, lie, length, sole width and sole angle are certainly important.

Choosing Winter Golf Gloves

Some golfers are lucky enough to live where the weather is good all year round, or are wealthy enough to be able to follow the sun. The majority however, live in parts of the world where they have to deal with the seasons and so it becomes necessary to kit themselves out with cold weather attire and while it is easy to find clothes which are warm but still allow freedom of movement; choosing winter golf gloves which are right for them can be a little more complex.

Golf Mittens – Ideal for Cold Weather Golfing

Avid golfers do not want to be put off their game by bad weather, so they will look for clothes and accessories that keep them warm while still allowing them freedom of movement. Winter golf gloves are a good idea but can often be too thick and bulky to allow optimal grip of the golf club and may have to be removed for play. An excellent alternative to this are winter golf mittens, which can be worn over traditional golf gloves for extra warmth when the golfer is standing idle or walking between shots and then removed to reveal the gloves underneath to take the shot.

The Art of Finding the Best Golf Clothing

When you watch golf tournaments on television, you will notice how smartly dressed the competitors are. Some players are more conservative than others in their choice of golf clothing but without exception, they will be wearing well fitting sweaters and shirts, tailored trousers, smart jackets and matching overtrousers if the weather is wet or windy.

Putting Tips: Help With Putting

One of the best golf tips from a premier professional. This is the well documented golf tip that Dave Stockton gave to Annika Sorenstam that was published in Golf Digest.

Cool and Nonchalant on the Course With Golf Hypnosis

Find out what makes so many of the world’s top golfers look and act so cool and nonchalant, especially during the last nine on Sunday, when they are really trying to win? Notice how they combine their skills and knowledge with a controlled and measured level of concentration; while sticking to their routines.

Six Steps to Unconscious Putting With Golf Psychology

Have you forgotten how good a putter you are? Well, even if you haven’t, I’m sure you’d like to putt even better than you currently do. So here’s an opportunity to learn about the Six Steps to Unconscious Putting, a key part of the pre-shot routine that Darren Clarke used so effectively at Royal St Georges in wining the Open Championship in 2011.

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