turn your slice into a draw with a right foot trick #shorts

Ode to Spikeless Golf

An old timer re-starts his golf game and finds spiked golf shoes are not in style. The alternative offers some pleasant surprises.

Golf Questions – How Can I Get More Consistent?

Do you really know what you’re asking when you ask to become more consistent? There are a wide variety of conceptions and perceptions of that word – as it relates to Golf.

Golf GPS Systems Will Improve Your Game

The sport called golf has always been a game of hit and miss. Nowadays, however, it is more than just that. Playing golf became more and more exciting due in part by the introduction of gadgets such as Global Positioning System Units, or GPS Devices.

Golf GPS Units Could Help You Win Once in a While

Golf is meant to be fun not competitive. Whoever said that clearly never played golf! You want to win.

Golf GPS Units – A Secret Tool

You buy the best golf clubs and balls you can find don’t you? Well Golf GPS units are just the same, they are just another tool to help you improve your game.

Golf Tips – Choosing Your Weapons

From the perspective of someone who is just beginning to play golf you must keep in mind that not too far down the road you may decide that golf is just not the game for you. For this reason alone you shouldn’t invest a bunch of money in your first set of clubs.

The Art of Focus in Golf – Part 3

Most mistakes made in golf are caused by a lack of focus, along with emotional factors which, when combined, can create mental havoc for players. In this third and final article in my series I’ll discuss how to apply the skill of concentration in your golf to improve both your inner game and physical play — the mind-body approach.

The Art of Focus in Golf – Part 1

One of the fastest ways to lower your golf score is to master the mental ability to focus, where the outcome is a picture of you playing the game, not it playing you! In this first of three articles on the subject of developing a focused game, I discuss what focus is and its potential in golf.

The Art of Focus in Golf – Part 2

If a lack of concentration is responsible for most mistakes in golf it makes sense that we need to master the mental ability to focus if we want to significantly lower our score. In this second article in my series I’ll show you an easy exercise to build and develop heightened concentration or focus skills, and provide a couple of resources to help you along the way.

Golf Swing Instructions – Simple Tips to Improve Your Swing

These are some simple golf swing instructions. If you want to improve your swing you should make sure to keep your head down and follow through your swing.

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