What do the numbers on my golf clubs mean? [Beginners Guide]

Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Most golfers, both amateurs and professionals, are continuously looking for ways to improve their golf swing. The position of hands and forearms during the impact is considered to be important in doing the golf swing. Some golf professionals have employed and still continue to use several techniques to enhance their golf swings. There are different instructional materials that would help you improve your skills. There are also videos available online to serve as guide. If you are really serious to improve your golf skills, there are golf schools that would help you with your goal. However, this article aims to give several things that you must remember and take note in order to know the basic skills in improving your golf swing before you go to attend the actual training.

Steps to Remember on How Swing a Golf Club

Learning how to swing a golf club like any of the topnotch PGA players like Tiger Woods or Stever Stricker would definitely take a lot of hard work, perseverance and determination. Hence golf swing training is necessary to enhance skills. The training program is quite simple.

How a Greenkeeper Maintains a Golf Course

A golf course is a thing of beauty and requires daily care and maintenance to ensure it remains in the best possible playing condition for its many loyal members. When faced with ever changing and adverse weather conditions the task of maintenance, or greenkeeping, as it’s referred to in the industry, can become a challenging but rewarding prospect.

Improve Your Performance With Eyeline Golf

Eyeline Golf provides training materials that would help any golfer to practice his or her golf and thus improve their skills. While the professionals would get enough training from their coaches, ordinary golf players have to depend on the different gold training aids to make their shots better.

Basics Can Help End Those Three Putts

I do not know of anyone who would not mind reducing a few strokes off their score each round. If you are someone like that, one of the quickest ways I know to improve your scoring is on the greens. We have all heard it before, but it won’t hurt repeating it one more time – a six-inch putt counts the same as a 300-yard drive.

A Tee Drive

Enter the tee box and hit a tee drive to get your game started. Regardless of your status, amateur or professional, regardless of your gender or age; this is the starting point of the golf game.

How the Clicgear 3.0 Push Golf Carts Changed My Golf Game

Learn how I improved my golf game by investing in the Clicgear 3.0. Modern golf push carts can make a difference in your golf experience.

Golf Practice Drills – Develop A Golf Practice Routine

If you want your golf game to improve you have to practice. Here are some golf practice drills that will help you to develop a golf practice routine so that you use your practice time effectively.

Important Golf Instructions

Pitching in golf is actually one of the most important skill you need to learn because if you do not know how to pitch; you can never win a game of golf throughout your life. Taking note of each golf instruction is very important especially for beginners because it will help you master your craft latter on.

What Is Meant by Tempo Within the Golf Swing, and How to Achieve It

When we talk of tempo in the golf swing, we are talking about the glue that holds the swing together. In basic terms, it is the pace of the swing, and is dictated not by the arms or legs, but by the core of the body. It will be different for everyone, because everyone will rotate their body at different speeds, therefore everyone’s swing tempo will vary. And of course as you age, the speed that you will rotate your body will decrease.

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