What Modern Golf Teachers Would Say About Bobby Jones

How to Aim the Golf Club Face at Your Target For More Accuracy – A Simple Easy Drill For Consistency

How to aim your golf club so that you can send the ball to your target. This quick and easy to understand description could make huge differences to your scoring. If you aim a rifle away from the target, you can’t expect the bullet to go where you want it to right? If you aim your golf club away from the target, you can’t expect the ball to go where you want it to can you?

Ladies Golf Clubs

If you are a lady and play golf or are wanting to start then golf clubs are required. There are golf clubs especially made for ladies. But is it necessary to buy ladies clubs?

Golf Goals For Your Game and Life – Why You Should Set Them and How to Achieve Them Properly

If I say to you go to a house in a town and when you get there you will be given a piece of paper with something written on it and this thing will allow you to set and achieve virtually any goal you want to, would you want that? Would you like that piece of paper?

1st Tee Nerves Out of Control? Calm Your Golf Nerves Down and Manage Them to Your Advantage

Banishing first tee jitters would be a big help to a lot of golfers both amateur and pro alike and there are many interventions possible that can and do work. As with most things in life not all of the techniques work all of the time for all of the people.

Anyone Can Putt Like a Genius – Learn What’s Important, Improve Easily & Start Winning Your Matches

Anyone can become a truly great golf putter as it does not require you to be young, strong, supple or build like Tiger. No matter who you are you can become a putting genius and if you do that you are going to win an awful lot of matches and tournaments. Do you want to work hard on changing swing mechanics or start winning by making the easiest changes in golf?

Your Golf Unconscious Or Sub-Conscious Has a Huge Bearing on Your Golf Swing and Shot Result

Think about this. When last did you try to control your own digestive system and remove energy from the food to distribute around your body? When last did you control the PH Acid/Alkaline levels in your blood by consciously using body resources to neutralise too much acids?

Are You Playing Fear Based Golf Or Positive Outcome, Target Focussed Golf? Improve Your Game Now

Your mind can go where you want it to but it will go where you have habitually trained it to focus even if you are not aware that you have conditioned your mind to think in a certain manner. In the well used saying, “Glass half full” we have a person who habitually thinks in a positive manner whereas the “Glass half empty” is a more negative habitual thinker. Which are you and did you intentionally train your mind to be this type of thinker?

The Golf Beginners Guide – 20 Reasons Not to Play the Game?

This is a need to know golf beginners guide that will either support your reasoning to take up the game or it will have you selling your clubs online before they have lost their sheen. One of the more difficult things to do as a golfer is to “Lighten Up” and not be so outrageously serious. So with that in mind, I have listed 20 Things You Absolutely need to be aware of before ever taking up the game!

Use This Visualisation and Targeting Exercise on the Golf Course For More Consistent, Accurate Shots

Visualising and Targeting are what I call Non-negotiable Fundamentals of Mental Game. There are many fundamentals throughout the game of golf from equipment, to hydration to swing setup and mental game. Ignoring any golf fundamental makes the game harder. Fundamentals are to golf as foundations are to building. Fundamentals are the wheels on your car, how many can you remove and still expect the car to drive properly? Use this Targeting and Visualising Process on the course and you WILL play better golf.

Use This Golf Visualisation Routine to Rapidly Program Yourself to Play Better, More Confident Golf

Part of every good mental game program is the daily exercise of visualising yourself playing well on the golf courses you are competing on either in competitions or against your mates for bragging rights. Every golfer needs a guide to effectively develop and master the inner game of golf for improved shot making, better results and more fun on the golf course right?

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