What will a TOUR PRO golfer score around a public course?

How To Improve Your Golf Back Swing

Golfers are sometimes puzzled when on one shot they hook the ball with their golf swing, and with the next shot they shank it in a completely different direction. Chances are, this can be connected to problems with the backswing. This article will discuss why this is so and how to correct it.

Ten Rules For Better Chipping

No one hits every green. Getting your ball one-putt close from just off the green is not that hard to do if you know how. Here are ten rules that will help you get your ball tight to the hole and prevent a missed green from costing you an extra shot.

Improving Golf Game – Fastest and Easiest Way To Lower Scores

What’s the fastest and easiest why to your improving golf game? Care to take a guess? If you guessed the short game to your improving golf game, YOU ARE A WINNER!

3 Free Golf Tips to Find the Right Line for Your Putt

Reading the break on the green can be a debilitating endeavor for a high handicap golfer. Some will just guess at it and hope for the best. This comes down to not understanding what to look for when reading the greens.

Best Ways To Improve Golf Game – 2 Drills To Lower Your Scores

There are several ways to lower your scores, and improve your game. However, you’re not looking these. You’re looking for the best and I am going to give you the best ways to improve golf game.

Srixon Z-Star Pure White Golf Ball Review

The new Srixon Z-Star Pure White golf balls are ideal for the low to mid-handicap golfer looking for the perfect combination of distance, spin control and feel. Find out how the latest Srixon golf ball technology will help you to transform your performance levels to a whole new level.

A Consistent Golf Swing Is Key to Playing to Your Full Potential!

If you’ve ever looked into a course and wanted to simply be able to play equally well with your professional buddies, or if you’ve ever found yourself watching TV wanting to go to the next level of play, then you know that some instruction will get you there much quicker. Golf is a sport that almost anybody can enjoy, and when you focus on and master the basics you will enjoy it even more.

4 Simple Golf Swing Tips to Straighten Your Tee Shots

Many golfers deal with hitting a slice off the tee. It doesn’t matter what adjustments they make, they still slice the ball, most notably off the tee. Then there are a few golfers that have to avoid hooking the ball.

NFL Golf Bags: Team Golf or Wilson, What’s the Difference?

NFL Team Logo Golf Bags are readily available on the market today. There are two licensed manufacturers of these bags, Team Golf and Wilson. These bags differ in their features and price.

Two Clubs and a Putter

I’ve been going out with my grandson the past month to play golf with him at local nine-holer. I decided these rounds weren’t that big of a deal for me, so I would just take a few clubs to knock the ball around the course, and be able to carry my bag instead of using my pull cart. I pack a 7-iron, a gap wedge, and a putter. After three rounds of this, let me tell you. You can put up a pretty good score just that set.

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