Which putter alignment aid should YOU use?

Golf Swing Plane Drills – Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

Several golf players have a imperfect or discrepant swing. I loath to acknowledge it, but I am most likely one of them. For one to really get better, one should have a suitable swing plane on their golf swing. As I began searching for ways to improve my swing plane, swing rate and all, I found out about swinging on a better and more reproducible level.

Tips to Avoid a Golf Swing Slice

The best way to correct a slice is to methodically go through a checklist of potential causes and see which one (or combination) is the cause of your personal slice. The following are the factors that you should take into consideration.

30 Point Analysis of Golf Body Screen

Golf Body Screen offers a 30 point analysis of your golf swing to identify the reason why your swing is not perfect. It can help you take corrective measures and improve your game…

Ways To Build A Mini Golf Course

Mini golf design is something that can be created by anyone at home. All you need is a little creativity and innovative ideas. Miniature golf is a popular recreational activity which is enjoyed by people of every age group. You can create your own mini golf course in your garden with the help of household items.

How Simply Changing Your Putting Grip Can Shave Up To 9 Strokes Off Of Your Golf Game

How you hold the putter in your hands is such an important factor when it comes to putting the ball successfully into the hole. In fact, by slightly altering your putting grip, you can reduce your overall score of up to 9 strokes right away. Now before you think I have lost my mind (since cutting your score by 9 strokes seems impossible), let me explain. Making this kind of improvement means that you are taking just one fewer putt out of every two holes. This is definitely doable when you realize how critical your grip can be when putting.

Fun With Mini Golf Courses

Many people are now looking to mini golf as a fun activity. You see many parents taking their kids to mini golf courses as it can be a fun activity for people of all ages. These courses have made it possible for you to play golf in the comfort of your backyard. You can find many professional course builders online these days that would have the best creative ideas for your space.

Golf Utah in the Fall

Golfing in Utah during the fall can’t be beat. The crowds have finally died down and the weather has cooled to a nice eighty degrees. Finally the courses have recovered from the previous long winter and the greens are beginning to roll true.

Good Nutrition Equals Good Golf

Good golf nutrition is critical to playing good golf. Meats and carbs make good choices to keep your energy up. Always try to eat before a round of golf so that your energy will be at its height.

You Can Learn to Appreciate Golf

Have you seen the Adam Sandler movie about golf? That’s the reason I get to appreciate this sport. I never had a chance to watch a real golf game because of my very busy schedule but because of that movie, I learned to appreciate golf.

Top Tips On Hitting a Golf Ball Straight Every Time

Have you ever wanted to be able to hit a draw at will? Well you may be surprised to know that you can easily do this in two simple steps.

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