Which SWING PLANE Style Are You?

Boom Your Driver! Scientific Shaft Selection

When buying a club in order to get a different flex keep in mind that not all shafts with a particular flex are the same, far from it. Learn what to consider to pick the correct shaft that will get you that extra 20 to 30 yards.

Beginner Steps in Playing Golf

Playing golf means hitting a ball with a golf club, a golf clubs set only having maximum fourteen clubs for each player. You have to hit the ball from a tee box to a hole and try to do that with as few hits as possible. An ordinary golf match lasts for about four or four and a half hours.

Be Peaceful by Playing Golf

Golf is the only sport which can be learned by everyone, regardless of their age. There are forty-three rules with this game, a game which can only be learned in time, after several matches. The first steps in golf are essential. You need to know how to move, how to take a step, how to hit the ball, how to keep your hands on a golf club and, last but not least, how and when to shut up, how to clap or how to choose the right equipment.

The Secret to Success in Golf – Simplify

Your entree to a good golf swing, is to simplify it. Just take the club back, and swing it through. You have a basic swing; you know how to hit the ball. Throw out the complicated stuff, all those little things you try to keep track of. See how much you can simplify your swing. See how easy you can make it. Strip away all the non-essentials and just swing back and through.

Play Golf Better – What Can You Do to Improve Your Golf Game Now!

If you have decided that you are not happy with the way you are playing golf, then you need to discover how you can play golf better. This is something that most people go about the wrong way and they just do not understand golf well enough to know what they can really do in order to make sure their golf game gets better faster. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to Fix a Slice With a Driver In 3 Steps

Discover 3 simple steps you can apply on the tee that will help you to fix a slice with a driver. By applying these techniques you will be chasing birdies and not bogeys!

Golf Pocket Guide Helps When You Need It Most

There are innumerable golf books, DVDs, mobile phone applications; videos and magazines that provide golf help tips and drills on how to play the game.  One major challenge is how to reconcile all this data into something meaningful that applies to your game and does not confuse you.  A second major challenge is how you can actually access these resources when you need them the most.

What Is a Two Thumb Putter Grip?

You may have heard about a two thumb putter grip and are not sure exactly what this is. Basically the two thumb putter grip promotes a hand position where your thumbs are side by side. Switching to a two thumb putter grip will be cheaper than going out and purchasing a new putter. This one purchase can really make a difference to your putting strokes.

Does a Lower Degree Loft on Your Driver Make the Ball Go Further?

A common misconception is that the lower degree loft on your driver will make you hit the ball further, well if you are a long drive champ or pro with a swing speed around 140mph then yes. But for amateurs then a higher loft will give you more distance, sound a bit odd? It’s because of the slower swing speed you need to increase the launch angle to give you the most air time and distance.

How Much Should You Improve Your Golf in One Year?

There are a few things to consider if you want to know how fast you will improve your golf, in this article we will inform you of some of the basics you need to do to play better golf. 1 Custom Fitting. There is no doubt if you get custom fitted for your clubs you will play better golf, with the advance in technology these days it is easy to get the right set up of your clubs for your swing.

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