Learn to Overcome Fairway Bunkers!

Fairway bunkers come in all shapes, sizes and of course depths! And or course nearly all or them are mean! You should always approach them like tour players do.

How to Warm Up Before Your Golf Game

Before leaving your practice setting, warm up, do yourself a favor huge. Putt a dozen balls 6 inches from the cup. You should be able to see that almost all the balls will fall significantly increase your confidence in your position. Whatever there is only one putt from 6 inches… The trick is to see the ball down.

Best Tips to Help You Improve Your Golf Game Fast

Golf is all about the swing. If you use the correct swing will develop a great game of golf. If you miss your drive strength and purpose your golf game will suffer. Unfortunately, this is an inescapable fact of playing golf. Learning to swing a golf club is not only an extremely important factor for improving your golf game is the most difficult factors.

Should You Try a Weak Grip?

A strong grip may not always be the best for your golf swing mechanics. A weak grip could be just what the doctor ordered to increase the enjoyment of your game.

The Four Fundamentals of Golf

Whenever you learn something new you start with the fundamentals. They are the basics that not only get you started, but they are the foundation upon which every aspect of that new skill is built.

Controlling Golf Ball Spin and Golf Ball Trajectory Can Make You a Better Player

Controlling golf ball spin and golf ball trajectory are two key things professionals and better players do better than the average player. Controlling golf ball spin and trajectory is how professionals get the ball close to the hole and get out of trouble.

Why Did the USGA Change the Rules For Groove Design?

The United States Golf Association has changed the rules concerning groove design for irons and woods. There is some confusion as to what the change is and why the change was made. I will try to clear this up for you.

Golf Club Sets – Useful Shopping Tips For Golfers

You absolutely love playing golf, but the reality is that when it comes to choosing golf club sets most amateurs with this hobby are simply stuck. The equipment has a lot of specifics and is not cheap at all. That is why it is best to take one step at a time and invest in your set moderately until you have upgraded it completely.

Junior Golf – Developing Good Balance

Drills can help both the junior and experienced golfer to correct their swing by improving balance. Correcting the golf swing involves first knowing what it entails. Here are some mechanics of a golf swing and how to correct some of the errors.

Golf Swing Basics – Understanding the Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

A simple step by step review of the proper techniques in the golf swing. If you have a good understanding of the basics, you will go far.

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