Why OVER 90% Golfers Can’t Strike Their Irons

Custom Golf Clubs – Why You Should Go For it

Every golf player has its own physical ability – making his posture, stance, swing characteristics, and size very unique. However, most brand names in golf create uniform golf clubs as an off the shelf product. This is one of the main reasons why you should choose custom golf clubs.

Choosing the Right Golf Shaft

Whether a broken driver shaft or displeasure with iron shafts, when searching for a new shaft there are several things to consider before making a selection. The shaft Tiger Woods is currently using is not a good measure of what’s right for every player.

Choosing the Best Golf Clubs

Are those new Callaway Fusion’s right for your game? Choose your golf club purchases wisely based upon these factors: your body, your game, your swing and your preference. Your scores will drop as a result.

Fitness Tips For Golf

In order to play at your best on the golf course and avoid injury, you should have a fitness program. This is even more importantly for the casual golfer who is getting a little long in the tooth.

Improve Your Golf Swing With Strengthening Exercises – Longer Distances and Greater Speed

When you improve your golf swing with strengthening exercises you will also improve the speed of the ball and the distance. Power has to be behind your stroke.

Hot to Perform the Correct Golf Swing? 3 Sure-Fire Ways to a Better Golf Swing & Lower Golf Scores!

Valuable golf information and tips on how to perform the correct golf swing. Covering all the basics such as grip, posture and ball positioning.

New Golf Aids – Learn How to Dramatically Improve Your Golf Swing With Golf Trainers

New golf aids such as a golf trainers are ideal in helping you identify flaws in your swing. They also help you train tohit with the correct timing and tempo and in the correct golf swing plane. Getting these three criteria right and coordinated together ensure longer, straighter and more accurate shots and decreased golf scores!

LG SB210 – Call Up Your Yardages!

Is it a phone or a Golf GPS rangefinder? LG releases a new phone for golfers.

The Ultimate Unique Golf Gift For the Beginner Golfer

Do you know how you can really light up the eyes of that beginner golfer on your gift list? Give him the gift of a lower score! He or she is going to love you for it.

How to Get Long Drivers With a 460cc Golf Driver

The key to a long driver is a high launch and a ball that leaves the club with a low spin rate. Here are four tips to help you achieve the optimal condition for a long tee off.

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