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How to Break 80 – 9 Golf Tips to Shoot in the 70’s

Learning how to break 80 is a relatively simple task once you learn all the basic shots. It’s now just a matter of putting it all together to shoot in the 70’s. Follow these 9 tips to get you into the clubhouse with a career low score…

Golf Slice Cure Tips

Slicing the golf ball is extremely frustrating. You’ve put all your effort into your swing just to see it all go to waste in mere moments. But there is hope in the form of some simple but effective strategies in this article that you can put in place right now to fix this problem once and for all.

Should I Putt Or Chip From the Fringe?

It is a very common situation to have a shot just off the edge of the green and faced with the dilemma of “should I putt or chip this?”. Here’s the definitive reasoning behind both and how to pick the correct shot every time…

How to Putt Like a Pro – Words of Golf Wisdom to Help You Putt Your Way to a Great Short Game

I like to draw on the things I am currently working on with my students for starting points when I am preparing helpful tips for the mass public like this. Recently, one of my students had a problem with his short game – specifically, his putting.

Reliable Golf Shoes – Why it is Important to Wear the Right Shoes Before You Swing

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, I was working with one of my students on his downswing. I was so wrapped up in trying to fix his swing that it took something he said to me for me to realize something so glaringly wrong with what he was doing, and he was doing it before he even stepped on to the tee box.

Raising Your Head During Your Golf Swing – Learn One Simple Method to Get Rid of This Bad Habit

Whenever I am enlisted to tutor a beginner, I know going into it that one of the problems that they will start off with is the raising of their head during their swing. As minuscule of an issue as it sounds, you would think this bad habit would not be so rampant.

Learn Golf Quickly – What You Should Do When You Are Pressed For Time

So, imagine you are a business man, and one of your clients just called you up inviting you on a little golf retreat scheduled for next week. Here is your dilemma: you don’t play a lick of golf.

Add Distance to Your Drive – Four Steps to Unlocking One Golf Secret You Cannot Succeed Without

When I started playing golf 20 years ago, I slowly but surely came to realize that my weakest club in my bag was my driver. Not because of the club, but because of how I was using it.

How to Hit Solid Fairway Bunker Shots – No More Fat Or Thin Shots From the Fairway Bunkers

Fairway bunker shots are difficult and can be very intimidating for a lot of players. You can hit these shots solid every time by just thinking of a few keys at the set up and throughout the swing. Read more…

“Grip, Stance, and Posture” – The 3 Most Important Steps For Beginning Golfers of Any Age

As the title of this article suggests, I’m going to talk a little bit about the three main elements of set up before you ever think about swinging a golf club. These components are key to developing a good golf swing before you should even think about actually striking the ball!

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