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3-Step Guide to Better Golf for Beginners

Golf is tough on many beginners because they feel like they have already missed the learning curve, gotten started too late or just won’t be able to learn how to find their way around a golf course. Whether you have always secretly wanted to learn or have plans to attend a business-related event over 9 or 18-holes, you can learn how to improve your golf in just three easy steps.

Who Should I Buy My Golf Cart Battery From?

It is a well known fact that the running costs of an electric golf cart are exceptionally high. The purpose of this article is to find the cheapest source of golf cart batteries.

Promote Your Company This Summer With Personalised Golf Gifts and Tournament Prizes

This summer why not grab the attention of your target audience and promote your company with high quality, personalised golf gifts. The British Open is just around the corner, encouraging more and more golfers to take to the course. There are also dozens of amateur golf tournaments taking place in clubs across the country, meaning there has never been a better time to improve your PR campaign with a range of customised golf gifts and prizes.

Golf Swing Weight Transfer

When it comes to golf that is exactly what it takes to execute the perfect golf swing. Learn how you can efficiently use a golf swing weight transfer in order to improve your long drive quickly and easily.

How to Maintain Your Golf Cart Battery

A step-by-step guide on how to get the maximum length of time out of your golf cart battery. The article highlights how this can be done without spending a penny on expensive gadgets.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginner Golfers

Learn the basics of the full golf swing. What is causing your ball to slice or hook? Learn the most common problems that beginners have. and get tips to fix the problem

Swing Better With a Few Simple Tips

Golf is one of the best loved sports and is played by all types of people in all types of climates. Although the sport may be commonly played by businessmen, it is a sport enjoyed by both old and young alike and continues to give away some of the highest prizes in sports history. Although the sport may initially look easy it is actually much harder than it looks. Even the most professional of players still miss shots that they have been doing over and over again. It isn’t something that can be helped, given the number of factors which go into just one hole.

Why A Golfer Should Set Specific Short Term Golf Goals

A Long Term Golf Goal is great, but we also need a road map of how to achieve this goal. By learning to set specific short term goals golfers can draw up and follow this road map towards their long term goals.

Take Your Golf Range Skills To The Course

Don’t leave your new golf skills behind at the range. Use these techniques to take your newly learn golf skills from the driving range to the golf course.

Improve Your Putting With A PGA Tour Putting Skills Test

Improve your putting through a tour standards putting skills test. This article describes why and how to use this exceptional test developed for tour players.

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