you can’t create lag if you don’t do THIS

Adjust Your Golf Swing According to the Bunker Sand’s Texture

Improve your golf swing, and your bunker play as well as other areas of your game will improve. And as a result your handicap will go down, and your enjoyment of the game goes up.

Golf Cart Covers Fundamentals

Golfing is quickly becoming one of the more popular sports in the United States today. As a result, more and more people are choosing to purchase golf carts to enhance their golfing experiences. Unfortunately, not all of these people are choosing to purchase golf cart covers. This article will explain the fundamentals of these covers so you can make a smart purchase, if you choose.

Why Own a Golf Cart Cover?

This article discusses why it is a good idea to purchase a golf cart cover. If you have a golf cart or are thinking about buying a one, this article is a must read.

Golf Strong Grip – Get the Club to Have That Grip

The moment the great Tiger Woods hit the news with his comeback, golf somehow got a new impetus even after the Michelsons and the Vijays of golf had made the game a bit fun to watch and even play. But then for those who really love the sport, what are the tips for you to play better and emulate the great Tiger? Well, one very important consideration is the emphasis on the grip when swinging in the golf course.

Golf Hook Cure – What Should Be Done?

Those nursing a hook need a golf hook cure as it is understandably very frustrating especially if you slice the ball and you are playing from the opposite direction. The hook is and should not be something that disturbs you because curing it is not that big deal. Trying the following steps and procedures will land you to the level you want about curing the hook the. The main reason for correcting the hook is to change your swing from the outside to inside…

Correct Golf Slice – The Secret to Improve Your Golf Game

Slicing the golf ball once is embarrassing. Slicing the golf ball swing after swing is humiliating. The fastest way to stop slicing golf balls and improve your golf swing is to ask a golf swing coach to look at your swing. The next best way is to study and understand the correct golf swing mechanics.

Golf Aids – Golf Swing Speed Meter Helps You Get a Better Feel on Your Golf Game

A useful golf aid to help you monitor and improve your golf club speed is a golf swing speed meter. Swing speed and club head speed determine how far your ball will travel once it is hit.

Golf Aids – Weighted Lob Wedge

Looking to improve your short game and want your chip shots to hit the green rather than fly in the rough? Of course you do!

The Perfect Golf Grip

A good golf grip can help in controlling the shape of your shots. If you are new to golf and have had no lessons etc., then you are probably holding the club wrong!

Golf Aids – Dual Hinge Drivers & Irons

Golf swing trainers are useful golf aids to help improve your golf swing and your overall golf game. Useful swing trainers I have tried are dual hinge clubs. I recently tried a set of golf trainers that included a dual hinge driver, 5 iron and 7 iron. I started practicing with these clubs before every round and the difference in my game was phenomenal.

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